Videos - Miscellaneous Talks and Discussions

(September 21, 2015)

Dr. Ali A. Allawi's Interview on RT - Saudis spreading radical ideology, causing mass murder, destroying states.

(April 2010)

Dr. Ali A. Allawi - Lecture on "Redefining Human and Political Rights in Islam — an Ethical Perspective" at Central European University in Budapest.

An Alternative Perspective — An Ethical Reading of Human Rights in Islam.

(May 2009)

In Search of Islamic Civilization.

(February 2010)

Dr. Ali Allawi at MAPAC 8th Annual Dinner.

(January 22, 2014)

The Second Wave of Modern Islam.

Also, read the article: The Second Wave of Modern Islam

(May 1, 2009)

C-SPAN - Book Discussion on Crisis Of Islamic Civilization.

The World - Three Questions for Ali Allawi.

Islam and Social Change - Carnegie Council.