The Great Trek

A Poem by Dr. Ali A. Allawi
(Inspired by the Current Refugee Crisis in Europe)
September 5, 2015

One-eyed divines with scraggly beards
Astride the horns of the Devil
Spewing hate
Kill, Dismember, Obliterate!

Butchers in life, Butchers of Life
Foot soldiers of Dystopia
Satan's dream
Of the City on the Hill

Beguiled Women, Raging Men
Seeking a New Dispensation
By Slaughter, Enslavement and Rapine,
Will their New World be born

Doddering kings barely lucid
Consumed with Fear
Eyes darting, immobile
Like stagnant stinking water

Scions of plunderers
Perched in their Towers of Babel
Playing at war, No heroes they
Only apprentices in murder

Monstrous tyrants,
Contemptuous, Smug
Behind their dark glasses
Pulverising the innocents, and grinning

Furtive politicians, Self-Worshippers
Masters of the arts of hypocrisy
In turns devious, glib
Serial betrayers of misplaced trust

And all the while they come
In their droves, their multitudes
Cheated, Robbed, Flogged, Bombed,
Gassed, Drowned, Raped, Abused,
Herded, Suffocated, Tortured, Abandoned

Leaving lands where truth has been shredded
Heading for lands where truth has been mislaid