The Spiritual Path - Dr. Ali Allawi's Conversation with Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

(May 2014)

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri is a spiritual philosopher and writer whose role as a teacher grew naturally out of his own quest for self-fulfillment. His awareness of the realpolitik of the world around him compelled him to seek a truth that would reconcile the past with the present. A uniquely gifted exponent of self knowledge and the grooming of consciousness to reflect our higher nature, Shaykh Haeri's unifying perspective emphasizes practical, actionable knowledge of self-transformation. It provides a natural bridge between Eastern and Western approaches to spirituality, offering common ground of higher knowledge for various religions, sects and secular outlooks.

In this remarkable, wide-ranging interview, Dr. Ali A. Allawi, Research Professor of the National University of Singapore, asks Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri penetrating questions about his life and spiritual journey, from early childhood in Karbala, to the culture shock of life in the West, then to abandoning a promising career in the oil industry in his pursuit of self realization. Professor Allawi's questions highlight Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri's life changing encounters with Sufi Masters and other spiritual teachers and his travels and teaching with Sufi communities. Drawing out Shaykh Haeri's far reaching views on the future of religion, Sufi orders and global spirituality, the conversation probes deeply into how one attains enlightenment and what it means to live in the light of the Absolute in a relative world.

More on Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri's teachings can be found on the following website:

Academy of Self Knowledge

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